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Nick Markakis is not the Mets’ savior

In his October 15, 2014 piece, NY Post‘s Joel Sherman outlined why he felt free-agent-to-be Nick Markakis would be a nice fit with the New York Mets.

Fans: ignore Joel Sherman. Continue reading


Realistic Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Part 2

Since writing Part 1 of this series, which detailed three hypothetical, arbitration-eligible outfield trade targets, the New York Mets actually acquired an outfielder: Rick Ankiel. Somewhat predictably, Mets fans reacted adversely, as the 33-year-old has become a perennial albatross and trash heap frequenter due to his poor plate approach (26 strikeout percentage, 7.7 walk percentage). What is perhaps most perplexing about the addition is that Ankiel, seemingly, is the complete antithesis of what the Sandy Alderson regime represents in terms of batter patience.

Alas, Rick Ankiel is a Met, at least for the time being. But that hardly means the team will not continue to pursue other outside the organization options. Here are three more pre-arbitration trade targets that the Mets could look to acquire. Continue reading

Realistic Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Part 1

The Mets’ offense has produced a .696 OPS, which ranks tenth in the National League. The Mets’ outfield is even more worrisome, however. The team’s center fielders have a .501 OPS, and its right fielders a .614 OPS, which rank fourteenth and fifteenth in the National League, respectively.

There are few Mets fans who wouldn’t want the team to add Carlos Gonzalez or Giancarlo Stanton. But while either player would instantly improve the team’s ability to score runs, it seems so unlike the present-day Mets to pull the trigger on such a franchise-altering acquisition. Below, in the first part of a multi-part series, are a few realistic, arbitration-eligible outfield trade targets. Continue reading