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Chase Utley creates opportunity for Citi Field’s first lasting memory

From 1964 to 2008, Shea Stadium provided the backdrop for countless, defining New York Mets moments. It was not uncommon for the papier-mâché-esq, architectural monstrosity to literally shake when fans would jump up and down, dance, and cheer with hoarse, unabashed joy during pivotal games and moments.

I know this because, as a life-long fan, I myself contributed to the jeers, prayers, and hugs with fellow tear-filled strangers.

But since moving into Citi Field in April 2009, there has been little reason for fans to transform the state-of-the-art facility into a 41,922-person trampoline. Over the past seven seasons, there simply has not been an opportunity to forge lasting memories at Citi Field.

That is, until yesterday evening. Continue reading