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Three unexciting trades that would immediately help the Mets’ offense

NOTE (10:18 AM, July 25, 2015): This article was published well prior to the Mets acquiring Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson.

It’s tempting to write an article begging the New York Mets to make a big trade for a significant bat at the deadline. After all, adding one of Troy Tulowitzki, Justin Upton, Todd Frazier or Yasiel Puig would instantly address the team’s offensive problems.

But it’s pretty unlikely the Mets make such a deal. And as ESPN‘s Mark Simon astutely wrote about recently, it might not be wise for it to happen, either.

Instead, there’s a realistic alternative: the Mets could trade for platoon partners and generally helpful, but not “star”-caliber players without hemorrhaging the future. Continue reading


The Downfall of Not Starting Juan Lagares

The other night, I received a seemingly cryptic email from my older brother. The subject was, “This is idiotic.” I opened the email to uncover exactly what I thought I’d find: a smack-my-head worthy link about the New York Mets. It’s a long-withstanding family tradition to share these types of things, after all.

According to NBC Sports’ Bill Baer (via The Star-Ledger‘s Mike Vorkunov), Terry Collins and perhaps the Mets too apparently feel that center field is a wide-open competition.

Specifically, per Collins:

We’ve got three guys that can play center field that we know of and by gosh the best one is going to be out there because it’s a big position.

One can only assume he means Chris YoungEric Young Jr. and incumbent Juan Lagares. But since Chris Young was inked this offseason to a $7.25 million contract—and is projected to play a corner—it appears as though only one of EYJ or Lagares will be a starter. And this, folks, is silly. Continue reading