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It Unfortunately Makes Sense for the Mets to Sign Juan Pierre

In the school of hitting-sabermetrics, you are taught a few basic, ideological ground-rules: batting average doesn’t matter for much, being overly aggressive on the base paths results in unnecessary outs, and patience [at the plate] is a virtue. For these three reasons, Juan Pierre has often been the subject of ridicule from stat-head types–myself included. Yet considering Jason Bay (who posted a .165/.237/.299 line and -4.8 UZR/150 in 2011) is slated to be the Mets starting left-fielder again (UPDATE: not anymore), David Wright led the team with just fifteen stolen bases in 2011, and the team has about $11.5 million (after arbitration/contractual raises) to spend on six or seven roster spots, it pains me to admit that signing Juan Pierre makes way too much sense for the New York Mets. Continue reading