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The Savvyest, Smaller Moves Executed This MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline

The 2014 MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline was arguably the most memorable deadline in recent history. With the likes of David Price, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Yoenis Cespedes, Austin Jackson and many more stars moving around, experts and fans alike were in full swoon mode.

But sometimes when All-Stars are on the move, the brilliant, lesser trades fall through the cracks. In an attempt to pay proper homage to such, below are the five deals from this past deadline that deserve to share a bit of the spotlight with the bigger fish.

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Which Outfielder Should the Diamondbacks Trade?

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Arizona Diamondbacks and their outfield depth. Especially now with the recent, [extremely] surprising signing of Cody Ross, the Snakes legitimately have five starting-caliber outfielders.

While a case could be made for trading any one of Justin Upton, Adam Eaton, Jason Kubel, or Gerardo Parra, one must seriously consider whether the prospective return for these players would actually help the future of the franchise, or hurt it. Continue reading

They Get to (Almost) Everything

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“How on earth did HE get to THAT?” It’s a question most, if not all, baseball fans have wondered (or screamed). Simply judging a fielder by the amount of errors he commits doesn’t quite paint the full picture of how good or bad a fielder is.

In fact, there are some players who might even commit more errors than another fielder, but on that same token, are able to reach more balls–thus put themselves in more defensive situations/plays. This measurement is of course called “range.” Below are the top ten fielders who excel in range runs above average (via FanGraphs’ calculations). Continue reading