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Dellin Betances: The Biggest Success Story in the 2014 New York Yankees’ Bullpen

The close of the 2013 season marked the end of a long era of dominant relief pitching in the Bronx. Mariano Rivera, who reigned as the New York Yankees’ closer since 1997, decided to hang up his cleats and infamous cutter—for real, this time.

Luckily for the New York Yankees, however, the team had closer-in-waiting David Robertson in tow. Robertson, 29, owned a 1.91 ERA (versus a 2.31 FIP) and 3.58 strikeouts-to-walks ratio from 2011 to 2013 while setting up for the future Hall of Famer.

As expected, Robertson’s transition to closer in 2014 has been a natural one, tossing a 2.40 ERA (versus a 2.32 FIP), 7.67 strikeouts-to-walks ratio and 11 saves over 15 innings. Yet, even though the right-hander’s dominant performance has put the Yankees at ease, perhaps the rise of Dellin Betances has been the bigger bullpen story in New York this season. Continue reading


They Get to (Almost) Everything

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“How on earth did HE get to THAT?” It’s a question most, if not all, baseball fans have wondered (or screamed). Simply judging a fielder by the amount of errors he commits doesn’t quite paint the full picture of how good or bad a fielder is.

In fact, there are some players who might even commit more errors than another fielder, but on that same token, are able to reach more balls–thus put themselves in more defensive situations/plays. This measurement is of course called “range.” Below are the top ten fielders who excel in range runs above average (via FanGraphs’ calculations). Continue reading