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Mets pass on Aramis Ramirez, but faith in Wright’s return is worrisome

The New York Mets’ offense ranks 18th in fWAR (6.6). They’ve collectively scored the 7th least amount of runs (229), and posted a mere park-adjusted 91 wRC+.

The Mets needing offense is an understatement. And with David Wright out indefinitely, the team lacks a third baseman in the worst way.

So perhaps being linked to Milwaukee Brewers’ third baseman Aramis Ramirez is a good thing. After all, Ramirez owns a career .284 batting average, 116 wRC+, and 376 home runs.

Then again, most if not all of that production came before this season, obviously. The almost 37-year-old – and likely end-of-year retiree – has looked geezer-esq at the plate, hitting just .211, walking at a 4.4 percent rate, and sporting a pathetic 68 wRC+.

Sure, the three-time All-Star’s .215 BABIP (versus a career .291 rate) isn’t helping much. But Ramirez, who owns a career 42.3 wFA (fastball runs above average) per PITCHf/x, can’t seem to catch up with the fastball like he once did. At a mere minus-2.6 wFA thus far in 2015, Ramirez’s former bread and butter now looks more like, well, toast.

Food analogies aside, would Ramirez pose as an upgrade for the Mets at the hot corner? Continue reading


Why Hasn’t David Wright Hit a Homerun Yet?

David Wright is having a great start to the 2013 season. To-date, the 30 year-old Mets captain is batting .293 with a 17.7% BB%, 139 OPS+ (4 points above his career rate), and has even made some fantastic defensive plays. With teammates John Buck, Daniel Murphy, and Lucas Duda all powering the Mets offense, the fate of the Mets’ run production hasn’t entirely fallen on the shoulders of the Virginia native. Heck, Matt Harvey‘s ace-like three starts have even pushed Wright out of the New York Mets spotlight for the time being.

That said, through 11 games, Wright has yet to hit a homerun.

Even though it’s far too soon to actually be worried, Wright’s inability to go yard is perplexing, and would certainly become an issue once Buck ceases to hit like Lou Gehrig. Despite the small sample size, some of the Wright’s peripherals look similar to or worse than his 2009 peripherals; the season Wright only hit 10 homeruns. Continue reading

Mets Off-Season Mission: Trade Johan Santana

According to Adam Rubin, the New York Mets only plan to spend between $10 to $15 million this off-season, despite favorably settling their Bernie Madoff-related lawsuit mid-season. The news is a tremendous letdown to Mets fans everywhere, as homegrown star David Wright more or less stated that any extension discussion would be contingent on the result of this coming off-season. Yes, fans can probably kiss Wright goodbye, and endure many subsequent seasons of losses with players like Miguel Batista taking the field. That is, unless, they trade Johan Santana this off-season. Continue reading

Re-Signing David Wright Will Take More Than Just Re-Signing David Wright

For the first time in arguably three seasons, David Wright is playing like a franchise player again. Whether it was the power draught of 2009 (just 10 HR, .447 SLG), wondrous wiffing of 2010 (161 K’s, 10.4% SwStr%, 76.6% Contract%), cracked back of 2011 (.254/.345/.427 line in just 447 PA’s), and generally poor defense in each of those three seasons (-12.2 UZR/150, -9.5 UZR/150, and -16.4 UZR/150, respectively), Wright simply had not been playing to the caliber of his 2005-to-2008-self.

But perhaps finally feeling at home in Citi Field, David Wright is back, baby. So far in 2012, the 29 year-old has posted a fantastic .323/.415/.533 line with 16 HR, 75 RBI, 70 R, and 12 SB in 487 pain-free PA’s. In addition, the Norfolk-native is fielding like the Gold Glover he once was (but never truly deserved to be), gloving to the tune of a 9.3 UZR/150. With just one year remaining on the $55 million contract he signed in 2007, it’s pretty obvious the Mets want and need to extend the man.

However, merely extending David Wright won’t be as simple as it sounds. According his interview with Mike Puma, it appears as though handing the homegrown hero a blank check won’t cut it: Continue reading