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The Downfall of Not Starting Juan Lagares

The other night, I received a seemingly cryptic email from my older brother. The subject was, “This is idiotic.” I opened the email to uncover exactly what I thought I’d find: a smack-my-head worthy link about the New York Mets. It’s a long-withstanding family tradition to share these types of things, after all.

According to NBC Sports’ Bill Baer (via The Star-Ledger‘s Mike Vorkunov), Terry Collins and perhaps the Mets too apparently feel that center field is a wide-open competition.

Specifically, per Collins:

We’ve got three guys that can play center field that we know of and by gosh the best one is going to be out there because it’s a big position.

One can only assume he means Chris YoungEric Young Jr. and incumbent Juan Lagares. But since Chris Young was inked this offseason to a $7.25 million contract—and is projected to play a corner—it appears as though only one of EYJ or Lagares will be a starter. And this, folks, is silly. Continue reading