AAEAAQAAAAAAAABPAAAAJDQ2NjIyYWI0LTM3MzYtNDdhZC05YzE5LWM4NWEwYWJmYmE2MAThe Beanball is a place for no-nonsense, stat-backed baseball analysis.

In a city dominated by Yankees’ fans, Ben Berkon chose to follow in his older brother and father’s footsteps by enduring the plight of becoming a Mets’ fan. Having grown-up with season tickets, Berkon has witnessed all of the highs and lows over the past 20-plus seasons, in-person. He recalls when Jeff Kent manned second base, the hype surrounding Generation K, the historic “Grand Slam Single,” and many more classic Mets’ moments.

Ben Berkon is a freelance sports and comedy writer, and has contributed to the Huffington Post, SNY.tv’s MetsBlog, Bleacher Report, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation’s Amazin’ Avenue, Medium’s The Cauldron, Bloomberg Sports’ StatsInsights, Deadspin, and The Onion.


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