Mets pass on Aramis Ramirez, but faith in Wright’s return is worrisome

The New York Mets’ offense ranks 18th in fWAR (6.6). They’ve collectively scored the 7th least amount of runs (229), and posted a mere park-adjusted 91 wRC+.

The Mets needing offense is an understatement. And with David Wright out indefinitely, the team lacks a third baseman in the worst way.

So perhaps being linked to Milwaukee Brewers’ third baseman Aramis Ramirez is a good thing. After all, Ramirez owns a career .284 batting average, 116 wRC+, and 376 home runs.

Then again, most if not all of that production came before this season, obviously. The almost 37-year-old – and likely end-of-year retiree – has looked geezer-esq at the plate, hitting just .211, walking at a 4.4 percent rate, and sporting a pathetic 68 wRC+.

Sure, the three-time All-Star’s .215 BABIP (versus a career .291 rate) isn’t helping much. But Ramirez, who owns a career 42.3 wFA (fastball runs above average) per PITCHf/x, can’t seem to catch up with the fastball like he once did. At a mere minus-2.6 wFA thus far in 2015, Ramirez’s former bread and butter now looks more like, well, toast.

Food analogies aside, would Ramirez pose as an upgrade for the Mets at the hot corner? According to UZR/150, he would.

The third baseman has gloved a fruitful 16.0 UZR/150 in 350.2 innings this season – despite owning a cumulative minus-2.6 metric at the position. By comparison, Mets’ third basemen have combined for a minus-1.5 UZR/150 in 2015.

Yet, per CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, the Mets do not see Ramirez as a fit, as they’re holding out for Wright to return.

It’s hard to fault Sandy Alderson for passing on Aramis Ramirez, given the above. The more concerning part of Heyman’s report, however, is the Mets’ apparent dependence on Wright’s return.

Without a set timetable, how long do the Mets plan to be without a legitimate third baseman – and more importantly, a “star” hitter?

Even if we’re to believe that Daniel Murphy will be activated from the disabled list on June 20 – and fans won’t be subjected to a smattering of Eric Campbell and Ruben Tejada for long – how does slotting Murphy at third base address the Mets’ on-going offensive woes?

Are fans to believe that Dilson Herrera, who is likely to take over Murphy’s duties at second base, can replace Wright’s bat in the lineup?

Acquiring Aramis Ramirez wouldn’t be the right move. But pinning the season’s hopes on David Wright to return from injury – and to his 20-plus home run days, no less – is not only unrealistic, but also, delusional.

Statistics (games through June 11, 2015) sourced from FanGraphs.


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