Where’s the Love for Paul Maholm?

The 2013 offseason has been a joyous one for starting pitchers. Rotation arms have garnered an average contract of 1.88 years and $9.3 million annually.

Yet as willing as teams have apparently been to hand out inflated contracts, the interest in southpaw free-agent Paul Maholm has been non-existent.

Even though the 31-year-old posted a rough 2013, tossing a 4.41 ERA (versus a park-adjusted 88 ERA+), Maholm has been a solid pitcher over the past four seasons. From 2010-onward, the left-hander has owned a cumulative 4.22 ERA (versus a 93 ERA+), 1.37 WHIP and 2.09 K/BB.

In fact, his four-year averages aren’t too far off from this offseason’s top five earners thus far:

Player Yrs  Total Contract $ ERA+ (2010-13) K/BB (2010-13)
Ricky Nolasco 4  $49,000,000.00 91 3.44
Tim Lincecum 2  $35,000,000.00 92 2.54
Jason Vargas 4  $32,000,000.00 96 2.32
Scott Feldman 3  $30,000,000.00 92 2.27
Phil Hughes 3  $24,000,000.00 91 2.77

With high-caliber free-agents like Ervin Santana, Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza, Bronson Arroyo and technically Masahiro Tanaka still available, the market for Maholm should continue to stay dry. But for teams looking to acquire the left-handed version of Scott Feldman, perhaps Maholm could emerge as a solid buy-low candidate.

Some potential landing places include the Tampa Bay Rays, Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians or New York Mets—especially if the stagnant market for Maholm’s services squeeze him out of a multi-year deal.


3 responses to “Where’s the Love for Paul Maholm?

  1. um…Vargas is a lefty, too…

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