Ty Cobb Lives (Sort of)


This is Ty Cobb. No, seriously.

It’s not particularly uncommon for “normal” people to share the same name with a celebrity. For instance, the Founder and CEO of Wanderful Interactive Storybooks is a guy named Mickey Mantle. And while the singer / songwriter James Taylor might be off the bottle, his Florida counterpart—also named James Taylor—had about “ten beers too many” on his somewhat recent 58th birthday.

Yet, sometimes, people sharing the same name with celebrities warrants everyone’s full attention. This is the case with top gun Hogan Lovells lawyer, Ty Cobb.

Briefly, Ty Cobb—the athlete—was one of baseball’s most notorious figures. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1936, Cobb was equally famous for his record lifetime .366 batting average as he was for his hatred of minorities.

There are many stories typifying player Cobb’s racist tendencies. But perhaps the tale about how Cobb, according to Larry Schwartz of ESPN.com, “fought a black groundskeeper over the condition of the Detroit Tigers’ spring training field and ended up choking the man’s wife when she intervened,” takes the cake.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, there’s Ty Cobb the wonderfully mustachioed lawyer. According to his Hogan Lovells bio page, Cobb specializes in “white collar criminal litigation, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) enforcement, Congressional investigations and hearings, and related complex civil litigation.” He has also appeared on “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” CNN and FOX as an expert guest.

Cobb the lawyer was even inducted into the Ethisphere Hall of Fame, which “recognizes attorneys who have made lasting contributions to the advancement of corporate ethics and compliance.” It seems this Cobb wouldn’t hurt a fly—or a black person, for that matter.

Between lawyer Cobb’s lofty standing in his industry, national television exposure and incredibly well maintained mustache, the real question is: how is this guy not internet famous yet?

And no, facial hair wax is not a banned substance in the field of law.


2 responses to “Ty Cobb Lives (Sort of)

  1. I have never waxed!!! Toothbrush works just fine! Thank you for thinking of me even though I am not worthy! Over….

  2. Randy Cobb…yeah right..and Clinton never inhaled 🙂

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