The New York Mets Fan: A Dying Breed

About 66 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. These magnificent creatures came in all different shapes and sizes, were mostly carnivores or herbivores, and as suggested by the film “Jurassic Park” would probably not have meshed well with modern-day humans. But due to a dramatic shift in their environmental surroundings, these native animals went extinct.

In 2013, the world potentially faces its next significant phase of extinction: the New York Mets fan. After achieving a franchise-best attendance record of 4,042,045 during the 2008 season, attendance has dramatically fallen over 29 percent since 2009 (when the team broke ground at Citi Field). And while the front office has promised to field a competitive, farm-built team in the near future, it’s conceivable that if the rebuilding efforts in 2013 and 2014 prove to be unsuccessful by 2015, the Mets could enter an “Ice Age” of new fandom.…read the rest of this article at Yahoo! Sports.


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