Do the 2013 Detroit Tigers Need a “Proven” Closer?

After closing for the Detroit Tigers for the past three seasons, Jose Valverde was granted his free-agency. The pitcher’s departure–perhaps not to-be-missed by fans who watched him under perform in the playoffs (16.20 ERA and 2.40 WHIP in 1.6 IP)–has left the team without a seasoned closer.

Yet, even though Valverde’s 3.00 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and 110 Saves seems good enough for a closer, the righty only posted a 1.94 K/BB and alarmingly annual xFIP spikes (from 3.75 xFIP in 2010, to 4.01 xFIP in 2011, to 5.01 xFIP in 2012). The Tigers might not have a “proven” closer going in 2013, but they certainly have some good options to potentially fill the void.…read the rest of this article at Baseball News Source.


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