Minnesota Twins’ Rotation: Has it Improved for 2013?

In 2012, the Minnesota Twins endured their second straight ninety-plus loss season. While their hitting wasn’t spectacular (combined 99 OPS+, which was slightly below league average of 100 OPS+), it was really their pitching that did them in. The Twins pitching staff ranked second-to-last in the American League with a combined 85 ERA+. Considering the league average was a 101 ERA+, the 2012 Twins’ hurlers were pretty pathetic. […] Luckily for the Twins, the only two remaining starters from 2012 were their two top ones– Scott Diamond and Sam Deduno–and through trades and free-agent signings, the Twins have replaced their lesser pitchers with Vance Worley, Kevin Correia, Mike Pelfrey, and Rich Harden. Even though the acquisitions have been met with a lot of criticism, compared to their 2012 staff, the 2013 Twins starters should still be slightly improved.…read the rest of this article at Baseball News Source.


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