Mets Should Sign Carlos Villanueva to Replace R.A. Dickey

How does a team replace a starting pitcher who dazzled opposing batters with an almost un-hittable, floating pitch, won over fans with a quirky, folk-hero personality, and worked so hard to finally live-up to his former first-round pick status an incredible fourteen years after the fact? With R.A. Dickey presumably headed to the Toronto Blue Jays–seemingly any moment now–the Mets will have to find a replacement for Dickey’s innings in the rotation. As witnessed by Zack Greinke‘s six-year, $147 million free agent contract (worth upwards of $158 million with all the incentives) and even the presumed Dickey trade on the table, finding an elite pitcher via free agency or on trade market is an endeavor the Mets can not and should not participate in. And that’s why the Mets should, instead, sign Carlos Villanueva.…read the rest of this article on Baseball News Source.


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