They Get to (Almost) Everything

Courtesy of Photobucket

“How on earth did HE get to THAT?” It’s a question most, if not all, baseball fans have wondered (or screamed). Simply judging a fielder by the amount of errors he commits doesn’t quite paint the full picture of how good or bad a fielder is.

In fact, there are some players who might even commit more errors than another fielder, but on that same token, are able to reach more balls–thus put themselves in more defensive situations/plays. This measurement is of course called “range.” Below are the top ten fielders who excel in range runs above average (via FanGraphs’ calculations).

1. Brett Gardner (19.5 RngR)
2. Justin Upton (16.8 RngR)
3. Jacoby Ellsbury (14.9 RngR)
4. Chris Young (12.1 RngR)
5. Dustin Pedroia (11.6 RngR)
5. Adrian Beltre (11.6 RngR)
7. Cameron Maybin (11.1 RngR)
8. Gerardo Parra (10.8 RngR)
9. Casey McGehee (9.1 RngR)
9. Elvis Andrus (9.1 RngR)
9. Brandon Phillips (9.1 RngR)

Any statistical information taken from Baseball Reference and Fan Graphs.


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