The Beanball is a place for no-nonsense, stat-backed, baseball analysis. While many other baseball sites and blogs rely on fact-less, gut-based opinions, The Beanball isn’t afraid to crowd the plate with logic–even if that means taking criticism where it hurts. That said, no player, General Manager, or team is safe if there’s a statistical angle worth exploring. So watch out. Especially you, Jeff Francoeur.

Ben Berkon has contributed to the The Onion, Huffington PostGuy Speed, Amazin’ AvenueRising Apple, and a plethora of other mainstream websites–but nothing gives him more joy than writing about baseball (and often the New York Mets in particular).

In a city dominated by Yankees fans, Berkon chose to follow in his older brother and father’s footsteps by enduring the plight of becoming a Mets fan. Having grown-up with season tickets, Berkon has witnessed all of the highs and lows over the past 20-plus seasons, in-person. He recalls when Jeff Kent manned second base, the hype surrounding Generation K, the historic “Grand Slam Single,” and many more classic Mets moments.

The Beanball will serve as an outlet to analyze all things baseball (and the occasional taco from time to time).

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